Marco Specialties - Pinball Parts Ecommerce

Marco Specialties (MSI) is the leader in pinball and parts manufacturing. Their catalog of parts is huge, and their online catalog needed a navigational reworking. What started as a site redesign - converting the site to be responsive, also gave opportunity to improve the interaction design by improving header navigation and predictive search, as well as update the site design. Another opportunity to improve the ordering process was identified when learning that most repeat customers order up to 100 line items. Creating a 2nd product detail page that allows for viewing related parts, and ordering multiple parts within the same page is aimed at reducing search fatigue / number of clicks to order. Ajax tabs for details, review, and related parts simplify the view.

header dropdown states:
search bar - adding categories and smart search creating a faster to product path:
category page (and secondary filter for subcategories):
PDP page - single product:
PDP page 2 - new concept for multiple parts ordering:
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