Mission Up - Social Network UI

Project Overview: Mission Up, a concept for an outdoor social network aimed at those who love outdoor activities and want to meet up with other people locally or in new places. Create trips, and join trips for outdoor adventures, and make friends with similar interests and abilities. UI Design Challenge: • Build on social media familiarity, but make it trip specific. ie: Photo galleries by sport type, ie: Double thumbs up/stoke. • Create new adventures to share, and find likeminded people in the same sport when you're traveling • Filter to find people based on sport type, ability level, and to create size-limited outings. • Maps that show multi-season trips (summer hiking trails are often winter backcountry skiing trails) • Reward top commenters and community member with first listings. Community can rate trip reviews. • Make room for ad space in the layout without distracting from user flow.

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