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Daylight Cycle - Follow the Sun

Use Case 1: Have your lights follow the sun (based on your geo-location), set it, and forget it.
Interrupt the cycle or turn off the light, and it will return to its place in the cycle after you cycle it back on. 
Daylight Cycle - Extended Day

Use Case 2: Extend your days. Imagine the long dark nights of the high northern or southern hemispheres.  A customer can customize their times to have natural cycles of long summer days indoors. So cool! 
Daylight Setting 
Follow the sun based on your geo-location, or set your own time.
Customize: Choose which lights are in the Daylight Cycle 
(Color Capable and Tunable White Lights)
Lighting Page - showing a light in an active daylight cycle 
(automatically adjusting throughout the day)
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