In-App Customer Communication Platform: 
Customer Feedback, Onboarding, and Learning Center
Customers want onboarding and training, are not engaging with the web portal, and minimally with emails.
This project was to design an in-app customer communication user experience platform that begins small,
with plans to test it for customer engagement, and then scale it to include advanced features.

Squad Team Collaboration to explore and refine the idea:
UX Design and Research, Education, Product Management, Mobile Development, and Customer Service
Phase 1: Bringing In-App Feedback to Customers (90 days after installation) 
Connecting with Customers: Adding an In-App Satisfaction Survey
• Feedback loop directly from customers, targeting 90 days after installation (after customers had been living with their product).
• Non-interruptive workflow, adding a notification pip on the communication icon until clicked or dismissed.

UX Test Plan:
Unmoderated tests with the general public, is this discoverable and intuitive?
Test communication center location and icons (for discoverability and comprehension).​​​​​​​

Phase 2: Adding in-app onboarding and orientation.
Beginning with a small subset of onboarding features, as an MVP, to test customer engagement.
Using the most used features and products as beginning topics, informed by our education, and data on project setups .

Creating KPIs for Predictors for Success:
         1. MVP Strategy to test the idea: Beginning by manually adding the most used core features and products, narrowing the focus.
         2. Measure clicks and engagement with communication center (test location of communication center).
         3. Measure customer engagement with learning center pages (learn from our customers).
         4. Measure increased engagement with corresponding features in the product.
         5. Measure expected increased engagement in customers engaging with advanced features.
         6. Measure expected reduced calls to customer support.
         7.  Measure higher customer satisfaction, measured by NPS scores.

Play Video -  to view a Demo of In-App Learning, showing how it works for internal teams:
Phase 3: Customer Driven Learning Center
Scaling onboarding to include more topics, to include more products and advanced features.
In-App Customer Learning Center - uses the same template as Onboarding.
• Use machine learning to serve up content relevant to the hardware in the project.
• Building a CMS for internal co-authoring and scaling content.

Where it was left:
The Squad was looking at the cost and time of building this custom solution,
vs. using a 3rd party overlay solution that may be faster to implement.