DPS Site Review

Company Info: DPS is rad ski company: designer and manufacturer of progressively built carbon fiber skis in Salt Lake City. Their web presence has nice design, but lacks a few elements necessary to increase user confidence in B-C e-commerce sales. UX Challenge: Critique their Product Detail Page, and show areas where it can be improved (for both web and mobile views). There were critical areas identified that are relatively easy fixes: • Adding more images (necessary for a confident online purchase) • Button Hierarchy needs more states (so that there's more focus on the red Buy Button) • Specifications Tabs (Content needs to be visible in first view, Tabs need to be stack to be mobile friendly)

dps product detail page (starting point):
dps product detail page (showing areas that can be improved):
dps product detail page (recommended):
dps mobile product detail page:
suggestions outlined:
dps style guide update (recommended):
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