eCommerce: Pinball Parts Online Catalog update
Marco Specialities has a huge catalog of parts for pinball machines and repair.
Their eCommerce site needed an update to responsive web, and solving navigational pain-points.

UX Design Challenge: Help customers find product faster
Product Discovery uncovered customer pain points in getting to products, with unusably long pages of search results, and manual repetitive drilling, and average orders in the 100s of Skus. 

Solution 1 - Information Architecture Update,
Focus on helping customers find product results in the header, in fewer clicks.

1- Improved Header Navigation - with multiple ways to find product:
   • Shop by Game, Manufacturer, or Category,
   • Saved games, and recent,
   • Search by A, B, C within the header

2- Predictive Search (by Game, Part Number, or Keyword)
   • Updating the catalog to support search

Approach 2: Create Two Kinds of Product Detail Pages
To address average orders with 100s of Skus
Product Detail Page 1 - for Multiple Parts: 
Reduce buyer fatigue for multiple orders by grouping related products in one page, where multiple orders and quantities can be done from one page.

Product Detail Page for Single Part
Expandable accordion details, compatibility, and reviews.