Kühl.com - Technical Outdoor Apparel

Project Overview: Kuhl makes technical, outdoor clothing apparel. Project was to redesign B-C ecommerce site to be responsive and add to the size of the site with larger images and technical call outs. View live site at: www.kuhl.com Design Role: • Lead art director on remote web team. • Layouts, testing for responsive scaling, interactions, buy process, • Developed style guide for new products and seasons (home page tiles, email campaign) • Iterative interface improvements, UI improvements to filer and user pages, • Layout for technical animation campaign: creating a large series of technical drawing infographics to show the technical nature of clothing as a 3 step animation, • Photography updates: developed templates and style guides for photo cropping team and post production. • Managed and trained a team of photo cropping designers, and worked with web team with daily scrums.

home page banner tiles (responsive scaling: desktop, tablet, and mobile)

See sample in motion at: www.kuhl.com
home page category tile style guide:
infographics 3 part programmatic animation: (85 created)

As user scrolls, full browser width image blows apart to call out technical detail (shrinking to responsive mobile)
view sample in motion at: www.kuhl.com/kuhl/mens/outerwear/ms-firefly-hoody/
Product detail page:
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