Teton AT is the Trip Catalog of the Ski Tours of Steve Romeo, a Jackson Hole-based athlete.

W H A T :
Steve Romeo was a backcountry skier and ski mountaineer based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. His blog documented the lines, conditions, and lifestyle. He left 1300 entries on an old WordPress blog with no easy navigation or search. The challenge was to rearchitect the site to be searchable based on regions or maps as a part of re-platforming the site.

Design Challenge:
Convert a large WordPress blog into an updated format, and create a navigation structure that allows the blog to be easily searched and consumed.
H O W :
1- Redesign Navigation and Adding Category Titles 
2- Add multiple ways to find articles:
    • Dropdown (wide),
    • Left Hand Navigation,
    • Map-based pins - based on geography
    • Add a Search
Create Information Architecture Structured around Search by Region:
Solution 2: Create multiple ways to search: by Using Map Pins, or by Regional Images

Search Page Structure - Narrows the focus by Map and Region: